Friday, May 23, 2014

The Long Weekend

Hi everyone.  I'm back from a self-imposed hiatus.  Just in time for a long weekend.  Which was, of course, the inspiration for this cocktail.  Since we absolutely intend to open the pool and relax over the next 3 days, I wanted something original to sip out in the sun.  So I used my favorite rum, my current favorite beer (and if you haven't tried Franconia's excellent products, then you are missing out on some truly fine local craft brews - made right in McKinney TX), a mixer that most people actually have in their fridge (please excuse my slightly-out-of-date, almost depleted product in the pic), and a summer citrus fruit. Also, I got a little fancy this time and used a 10 oz goblet in order to get a better presentation.  The really shocking thing is that I nailed this recipe on the first try.  Usually with my original cocktails I have "tasted" so many failed attempts that the final one I go with is simply because I'm too inebriated to keep trying.  

With no further ado, I submit to you the...


1.5    oz       Spiced Rum
2       oz       Orange Juice
4       oz       Wheat Beer (definitely needs to be a wheat - Blue Moon is a brand at most grocers)
squeeze      Lemon

Fill a 10-oz glass 3/4 with ice
Add rum, OJ and squeeze of lemon wedge

Fill with wheat beer

Stir gently

Garnish with another lemon wedge

Long weekends are great, but let's all be responsible, please.