Friday, July 26, 2013

Cuba Libre

What's a Cuba Libre?

Yeah, it's really that simple.  Just add a squeeze of lime and give it a smarmy name.

Or you can just call it what I call it (as it is my go-to cocktail of choice):
Captain & Cola

Or if a Captain isn't a high enough rank for you, you can always go up the chain of command:
If you feel like mingling with the commoners (or slumming it - you pick the terminology):
And if you'd prefer to party with the randy chick of the sea:


2     oz        Rum (I highly, HIGHLY recommend spiced rum)
4     oz        Cola (WARNING: Pepsi, while a good cola, SUCKS with this drink)
squeeze      Lime

Fill a rocks glass with ice
Add liquor & cola
Add a squeeze of lime

Friday, July 19, 2013

Honey Rye

If cave painters were accurate (they didn't exactly date & sign their work), humans have been consuming honey for over 8000 years.
In ancient Egypt, honey was the most common sweetener used in baking.  It was also apparently used in embalming the dead.  Though I can't think of anyone that would still want to eat it after that.
Honey is also a great natural skin care product with many health benefits...if eaten in moderation.


2.5     oz     Rye (Canadian) Whiskey
1.5     oz     Honey Liqueur

2   dashes  Bitters

splash        Ginger Ale

Fill a rocks glass with ice
Add liquor & bitters
Add a splash of ginger ale
Garnish with a lemon wedge

When it comes to booze...

Friday, July 12, 2013


You're welcome, Laurie.  =)

The Hurricane cocktail was invented in New Orleans and is a popular "to go" drink in the French Quarter.

A hurricane is a tropical cyclone, typically in the North Atlantic Ocean or the Northeast Pacific Ocean, east of the International Dateline.

It's also the mascot for the University of Miami.
Even gale-force winds could not muss Jimmy Johnson's hair in 1987.

While most hurricanes form over oceans, any storm with wind speed of over 118km/hr is technically a hurricane. 
Not to be confused with a tornado...
Or that.


4     oz     Dark Rum
4     oz     Passion Fruit Juice
1     oz     Sweet & Sour

Shake ingredients (no ice necessary in shaker, but shake it really well)
Pour into hurricane glass filled with crushed ice

Garnish with a lime wedge & cherry

Friday, July 5, 2013

7 & 7

No, the answer is not "14".

The most likely outcome of a dice roll is 7.

James Bond is Agent 007.

 Coincidentally, Prince's song "7" topped out at number 7 on the Billboard 100.

7 is believed to be God's number.

In light of that, it's kinda odd that there are Se7en Deadly Sins.

7 & 7

Choose your own glass with ice.  Let your thirst level/celebration/day at work be your guide.  Combine equal parts Seagram's 7 (any blended whiskey will do) & 7-Up (or other lemon/lime soda).  Garnish with a lemon slice.

At a restaurant we had never been to before, I ordered a 7 & 7 from the waitress.  She came back later and said the bartender wanted to know "what's in that?".  I gave her the only logical response I could think of:

"What's on draft, please?"