Friday, July 5, 2013

7 & 7

No, the answer is not "14".

The most likely outcome of a dice roll is 7.

James Bond is Agent 007.

 Coincidentally, Prince's song "7" topped out at number 7 on the Billboard 100.

7 is believed to be God's number.

In light of that, it's kinda odd that there are Se7en Deadly Sins.

7 & 7

Choose your own glass with ice.  Let your thirst level/celebration/day at work be your guide.  Combine equal parts Seagram's 7 (any blended whiskey will do) & 7-Up (or other lemon/lime soda).  Garnish with a lemon slice.

At a restaurant we had never been to before, I ordered a 7 & 7 from the waitress.  She came back later and said the bartender wanted to know "what's in that?".  I gave her the only logical response I could think of:

"What's on draft, please?"

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