Friday, March 21, 2014


No pithy dialogue today.  No current events comments.  No meandering rabbit-trails of thought.  Just a simple, easy, tasty, change-of-pace cocktail.

MEXICOLA (aka Claudio's Tequila)

2      oz       Tequila
4      oz       Coca-Cola
squeeze      lime

Fill a collins glass (or regular 12-oz drinking) 3/4 with ice

Add tequila and squeeze 1/6 lime wedge

Fill with cola

Stir gently


Friday, March 14, 2014

Whiskey Punch

I'm not Irish.

Now that I've summarily dismissed another upcoming fake holiday, let's get into something more noteworthy.  Spring is almost here.  That means playoff basketball, baseball is right around the corner, kiddo soccer is in full effect, fishing starts getting good, the pool is almost warm enough, and spending time in the evenings on the patio with friends no longer requires parkas.  But what to drink?

Beer is the easy answer for guys.  Wine is fine...for the ladies.  However, I suggest a nice punch.

No, not one like this:

If you are a contemporary of mine, your days of partying at the Pike house have long since passed.  We need something a bit more sophisticated.  

Something for adults, not hormone-driven teens.
Something that does not use evil liquor that doubles as paint thinner or engine degreaser.

2        oz  Whiskey
1/2     oz  Cointreau
1        oz  Orange Juice
4        oz  Ginger Ale
1/2     oz  Lemon Juice
1              Maraschino Cherry

Pour everything into a rocks glass 3/4 filled with ice

Garnish with a cherry

That is how you make ONE of these.  

Having a group over?  That's easy.  Just change "oz" to "cups".  That will give you enough for 8 servings.  Increase as necessary.

And remember, Everclear is Evil.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!