Friday, February 22, 2013

La Bomba

First, I’d like to welcome the newest members to Craig’s Friday Cocktail List™.   Hi. 

Next, we need to cover some language issues with today’s drink.
“La Bomba” is a tequila cocktail.

“La Bamba” was a 1958 #1 single by Richie Valens (you saw the movie).

“L.A. Bambi” is Adiz “Bambi” Benton of the VH-1 reality series Basketball Wives L.A.

Что бомба” is Russian for “that bomb”, which is what many thought the meteor hit was.

I’ve had this drink.  Recently.  It’s a good.

1.5 oz   Tequila
.75 oz   Cointreau (as always, if you’re cheap like me, use Triple Sec)
1.5 oz   Pineapple Juice
1.5 oz   Orange Juice
Maraschino Cherry

Put 4-5 ice cubes in a martini shaker
Add the liquids
Shake vigorously
Strain into cocktail (martini) glass
Garnish a cherry

I’d like to give a Public Service Announcement about our good friend “Tequila”:
1.       Don’t buy cheap tequila.  Ever. 
Somewhere there is a college student that needs an inexpensive drunk night (and possible walk of shame the next morning) and you are stealing his/her bottle.

2.       Don’t use super-premium tequila to make cocktails.
It’s a waste of good sipping tequila and it doesn’t make much of a difference.

3.       Before you start making any tequila cocktails, make sure you have enough.
Changing the quality, type, even brand of tequila during the course of an evening will have a bad effect on you later.   
How bad?

Lou Diamond Phillip’s current career bad… 

Remember me???

Friday, February 15, 2013

Alabama Slammer

Ah, Alabama. 
Home of the Country music mega-group of the same name:
Home of Forrest Gump:
And home of the super-hot model Katherine Webb (whose boyfriend, A.J. McCarron is quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide):

So, next time you’re watching the Tide Roll while listening to Love in the First Degree and flipping through your Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition while enjoying a box of chocolates, this drink might be for you.

½ oz     Vodka
½ oz     Southern Comfort
½ oz     Amaretto
½ oz     Sloe Gin
5  oz     Orange Juice

Fill highball (or regular 12 oz drinking glass) 3/4 with ice.   
Add liquor. 
Add OJ.
Stir again.
Drink up.

This drink goes great with seafood. 
Specifically barbecue shrimp, boiled shrimp, broiled shrimp, baked shrimp, sautéed shrimp, shrimp kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo, panfried shrimp, deep fried shrimp, stir fried shrimp, pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sammich... that's, that's about it…

Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Brother

This week’s drink recipe is simple.  Very simple.  Extremely simple.  The way I’m having to do a few back-bends to make the name relevant to the current event topic is a little more complex, though.  =)

Unless you have no TV, phone, internet, radio, newspaper, magazine, or friends, you are aware that Sunday is the SUPER BOWL.  The somewhat less-informed may not know that the two head coaches are brothers.  Jim Harbaugh is coach of the San Francisco 49er.  His BIG BROTHER (see what I did there?  subtle, I know) John Harbaugh is coach of the Baltimore Ravens.  But which is better?

HEAD TO HEAD (as head coach):  BIG BROTHER John has defeated Jim 1 time
LEGACY:  Neither has won a Super Bowl as head coach
Winner:  So far it’s John

Kinda boring, eh?  Well, what about some other famous sibling rivalries?

HEAD TO HEAD:  BIG BROTHER Cain killed Abel.
LEGACY:  Abel was the first murder victim.  Cain was the first vampire.
Winner:  Cain.  ‘Cause UNdead is better than regular old dead.

HEAD TO HEAD:  BIG BROTHER Peyton won their only NFL match-up
LEGACY:  Peyton has 1 Super Bowl victory, Eli has 2 rings
Winner:  Though it pains me, it’s gotta be Eli

HEAD TO HEAD:  Little Sister Serena has 13 victories to Venus’s 10
LEGACY:  Venus has 7 Grand Slam Titles, Serena has 30
Winner:  Serena.  No contest.

LEGACY:  Eric Roberts has -0- Academy Award victories, Julia has 1
Oh, did I forget the HEAD TO HEAD?  OK.
Whose HEAD looks more like a horse?
Winner:  That would be you, Ms. Brockovich.

2 oz            Whiskey 
5 oz            Ginger Ale
1                 Lemon wedge

Fill regular drinking glass (12 oz) 3/4 with ice
Add whiskey, Ginger Ale and squeeze of lemon
Stir gently

That's it.
Enjoy the Super Bowl.
Please don’t drink & drive.