Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Brother

This week’s drink recipe is simple.  Very simple.  Extremely simple.  The way I’m having to do a few back-bends to make the name relevant to the current event topic is a little more complex, though.  =)

Unless you have no TV, phone, internet, radio, newspaper, magazine, or friends, you are aware that Sunday is the SUPER BOWL.  The somewhat less-informed may not know that the two head coaches are brothers.  Jim Harbaugh is coach of the San Francisco 49er.  His BIG BROTHER (see what I did there?  subtle, I know) John Harbaugh is coach of the Baltimore Ravens.  But which is better?

HEAD TO HEAD (as head coach):  BIG BROTHER John has defeated Jim 1 time
LEGACY:  Neither has won a Super Bowl as head coach
Winner:  So far it’s John

Kinda boring, eh?  Well, what about some other famous sibling rivalries?

HEAD TO HEAD:  BIG BROTHER Cain killed Abel.
LEGACY:  Abel was the first murder victim.  Cain was the first vampire.
Winner:  Cain.  ‘Cause UNdead is better than regular old dead.

HEAD TO HEAD:  BIG BROTHER Peyton won their only NFL match-up
LEGACY:  Peyton has 1 Super Bowl victory, Eli has 2 rings
Winner:  Though it pains me, it’s gotta be Eli

HEAD TO HEAD:  Little Sister Serena has 13 victories to Venus’s 10
LEGACY:  Venus has 7 Grand Slam Titles, Serena has 30
Winner:  Serena.  No contest.

LEGACY:  Eric Roberts has -0- Academy Award victories, Julia has 1
Oh, did I forget the HEAD TO HEAD?  OK.
Whose HEAD looks more like a horse?
Winner:  That would be you, Ms. Brockovich.

2 oz            Whiskey 
5 oz            Ginger Ale
1                 Lemon wedge

Fill regular drinking glass (12 oz) 3/4 with ice
Add whiskey, Ginger Ale and squeeze of lemon
Stir gently

That's it.
Enjoy the Super Bowl.
Please don’t drink & drive.

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