Friday, January 25, 2013

Death Star

 "That's no moon, it's a Space Libation!"

I feel 100% confident in telling all of you that I am the biggest Star Wars dork you know.

Bar none.

Oh, you think not?

Darth Vader's Imperial March was played at my wedding...yeah, I win the Nerd Olympic Gold.

In any event, the reason I went with the whole Galaxy Far, Far Away motif is in honor of Disney naming J.J. Abrams to direct the currently-untitled STAR WARS VII.  I think he's a fine choice as long as he doesn't start thinking he's George Lucas and edit the Smoke Monster into the Cantina scene...

Let's drink!

1     oz        Jagermeister 
1     oz        Jack Daniels 
1     oz        Triple Sec 
1     oz        Vodka 
    oz        Sweet & Sour 
    oz        Cola

Fill pint glass (yeah, you really need a 16 oz glass) 3/4 with ice

Add booze and sweet & sour


Add cola

Stir lightly

This tastes kinda-sorta like a Long Island Tea, but more harsh & herbal (Jager).  If you decide to have a lot of them, I only have one thing to say: 
May The Force Be With You!

"Don't be too proud of this tippling terror you've constructed.  The ability to mix an awesome cocktail is insignificant next to the power of The Force!"


Friday, January 18, 2013

Rum Runner

Rum, rum, rum.  Lots & lots of rum!
If you're new, welcome to Craig's Friday Cocktail List™!

Today's drink is the Rum Runner.

Like all forms of boot-legging, rum-running became very popular and profitable during Prohibition in America.   But rum-running actually started long before the Kennedy family even moved to the U.S.  It began in the Caribbean during the 16th century.  The British government penalized rum-running in the same manner as Piracy*

*more on that in a moment

1     oz        Light Rum
1     oz        Dark Rum

1     oz        151 Rum
       Blackberry Liqueur

oz        Banana Schnapps

    oz        Pineapple Juice

oz        Orange Juice


Fill highball (or regular 12 oz drinking glass) 3/4 with ice
Add light rum, dark rum, liqueurs and juices


Drizzle with grenadine

Float 151 on the top for the extra kicker

You can put this in a blender if you prefer, but you probably want to cut the booze in 1/2 or it will melt very quickly
And definitely DON'T blend in the 151

*OK, back to me shoe-horning in pirate references.

This drink has 3 different types of rum, representing three different types of pirate:

    1)  Light Rum - This is the lighter, whimsical side, like a goofy Hollywood Pirate

2)  Dark Rum - This is the darker, harsher side, like the murderous actual pirates

    3)  151 Rum - This is 151% bad-ass just like Max Hardberger

Friday, January 11, 2013


1.5  oz        Vodka
       Cointreau (or Triple Sec if you are cheap like me)

    oz        Lime Juice

lime wedge

 4-5 ice cubes in a martini shaker

Add the liquids

Shake vigorously

Strain into chilled martini glass

Garnish with lime wedge

This is a very simple cocktail to make.

Even if you screw it up the first 6 times you try, if you get it right on the 7th, you'll still have a better success rate than the pilots of the same name.