Friday, January 18, 2013

Rum Runner

Rum, rum, rum.  Lots & lots of rum!
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Today's drink is the Rum Runner.

Like all forms of boot-legging, rum-running became very popular and profitable during Prohibition in America.   But rum-running actually started long before the Kennedy family even moved to the U.S.  It began in the Caribbean during the 16th century.  The British government penalized rum-running in the same manner as Piracy*

*more on that in a moment

1     oz        Light Rum
1     oz        Dark Rum

1     oz        151 Rum
       Blackberry Liqueur

oz        Banana Schnapps

    oz        Pineapple Juice

oz        Orange Juice


Fill highball (or regular 12 oz drinking glass) 3/4 with ice
Add light rum, dark rum, liqueurs and juices


Drizzle with grenadine

Float 151 on the top for the extra kicker

You can put this in a blender if you prefer, but you probably want to cut the booze in 1/2 or it will melt very quickly
And definitely DON'T blend in the 151

*OK, back to me shoe-horning in pirate references.

This drink has 3 different types of rum, representing three different types of pirate:

    1)  Light Rum - This is the lighter, whimsical side, like a goofy Hollywood Pirate

2)  Dark Rum - This is the darker, harsher side, like the murderous actual pirates

    3)  151 Rum - This is 151% bad-ass just like Max Hardberger

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