Friday, February 14, 2014

My Bloody Valentine

The absolute worst of the Hallmark® Holidays is upon us:  Valentine's Day.
It's the day your kids expect chocolates at home.
Your wife expects flowers at work.
Your mistress expects a fancy dinner.
But your girlfriend expects one, too.
Your mistress finds out about your girlfriend and goes crazy.
Your wife finds out about both of them via your mistress going crazy and takes the kids (and the chocolates, flowers, car, house, savings & checking, 401K, and your soul).
Who thought this day was a good idea?

While there are many competing stories about the life & times (and martyrdom) of St. Valentine, patron saint of courtly love, the most well-known and celebrated is most likely a complete fabrication on the part of the 14th Century English poet Geoffrey Chaucer (known best - pop culture wise - for his portrayal by Paul Bettany in this film).

How appropriate!  A fake holiday based on a fictional character. 
Seriously, this "holiday" is about as real as the 3D effects in this movie:


1.5 oz         Myer's Rum
1/2              Blood Orange (juiced)
1/2 oz         Grenadine

Pour ingredients into a rocks glass filled with ice
Stir well

Happy Valentine's Day (you fakers)!


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