Friday, February 7, 2014

Black Russian

The Winter Olympics officially begin today in Sochi, Russia.  Even though we haven't yet seen the opening ceremony, there are a host of problems already making headlines like: hotels not being finished, a pillow shortage, undrinkable water, stray dogs being shot down or poisoned in the street, corruption, questionable hospitality and ungodly expenses.

The lack of preparation reached such farcical levels that journalists were tweeting photos of some of the more comical warnings they had seen in their hotels:

Needless to say, this is not doing any favors for the reputation of the one man that is most visible in this fiasco - that being the Russian President himself:

Vladimir Putin


1.5 oz          Vodka
.5 oz            Kahlua

Pour ingredients into a rocks glass filled with ice

Давайте поднимем бокалы…


  1. Here's to the Olympics! So did the Olympic committee inspect this area before they approved Russia? Where were looking exactly? Sad to say that the athletes train for years and this is where they get to lay their head at night.

    1. The Games have a rich history of corruption. Putin probably used some of that $51 billion (BILLION!!?!) to grease some IOC palms so they'd just look the other way: "What? Contaminated water?!?" [receives $5000 "gift"] "Tastes fine to me, comrade!"