Friday, February 21, 2014

Island Survival

If you've been following the story of Jose Salvador Alvarenga, you'll know the man survived 14 months adrift at sea in a small fishing boat.  How?  According to him, he ate (raw) birds, fish and turtles that he caught with his own hands. He quenched his thirst with rainwater and sometimes his own urine.

No, this week's cocktail does not include any of those ingredients.

I have a minor obsession with survival tales.  I like the details about endurance.  The ingenuity of the mind when pushed to its limits.  The stories of what was consumed because it HAD to be. The triumph of the human will to live against all odds.

I think this dude is very cool:

And while my wife thinks his table manners suck, Les Stroud is awesome, too:

Reading and watching this kind of stuff has always made me wonder what it would be like (though not enough to actually go try it - I like clean water, fresh food, modern medicine, air conditioning and not having parasites). If I was going to be stranded anywhere in the world, miles from civilization and rescue, give me the tropical island.  Aside from the legitimate heat and sunburn concerns, it just seems like it would be an easier place to make your way in the food & drink department since you'd have a better than -0- chance of finding coconuts, bananas and pineapples.  Which inspired the creation of today's cocktail:


1        oz     Coconut Rum
1.5     oz     Banana Liqueur
2        oz     Pineapple Juice

Pour ingredients into a rocks glass filled with ice


  1. Drinking the water through a stick filled with grass and a piece of an old t-shirt = Done!
    Magnetizing a piece of metal with my hair to find magnetic North = ok, if I happen to have a paperclip on me.
    Pulling together some large pieces of wood for shelter = Done! Even without a duvet.
    BUT tearing my teeth into a fresh zebra carcass or sucking fresh blood from the neck of a dead animal = definitely not, just shoot me because I won’t make it out there!

  2. That's not the worst thing that Bear has done, I'm sure. If I recall correctly, he is former SAS. So that probably seemed like fine dining compared to what he had to eat while in training.