Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pumpkin Pie (the *shot*)

Friday Cocktail List™...Thanksgiving Early Edition  
"Do you like Pumpkin Pie?" 
"I don't..."

(sorry, inside joke)
This one was inspired by a conversation with a co-worker this morning.  It's a layered shot, so it looks really pretty, and tastes kinda like the namesake, too.  If you need help with layering, there are some very good tutorial videos available on the YouTubes.

1/2  oz        Irish Cream 
1/2  oz        Amaretto 
1/4  oz        Cinnamon Schnapps      

In the tallest, most slender shot glass you have, layer the ingredients in the order listed. 

You MUST go in the order listed or you'll just end up with a really murky concoction. 

Take your time, it's worth it. 

If you are a Cowboys & Mavericks fan (like me) it's probably gonna be a loooooong weekend.  You might wanna consider this other Thanksgiving-related drink instead (and lots of them):

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