Friday, March 15, 2013


Off topic: my apologies for no drink last week.  I was on vacation.

On topic: if you are not watching AMC’s The Walking Dead, then you are missing the best series on television.  

The best. 

Yes, my wife might argue that the old harpies and prim & proper gentlemen on Downton Abbey would have something to say about that opinion, but last I checked we stopped caring what the stuffy Brits thought about 237 years ago… 

Ain’t no way this old broad survives this. 


2     oz        Light Rum
1     oz        Dark Rum 
1     oz        Triple Sec 
1     oz        Lime Juice
1     oz        Pineapple Juice
1     oz        Orange Juice
1     oz        Grenadine (or Blue Curacao if you wanna do the Technicolor thing)
½    oz        151 Rum  

Pour all ingredients EXCEPT the 151 into a blender with ~ a cup of ice.
Blend until smooth. 
Pour into the strangest looking glass you own. 
Float 151 on the top for the extra kicker.   

In Haiti, the voodoo ritual that leads to “zombies” typically involves heavy use of powerful hallucinogenic drugs.  While drinking a lot Zombies might give you a case of brain freeze (making you wish you were under the effect of powerful hallucinogenic drugs), there have been -0- reported cases of frozen drink imbibers getting the fever for the flavor of a frontal lobe.

Just don’t add any bath salts.

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