Friday, May 11, 2012


The school year is almost over, so that means no more trying to convince your 6-year-old that she really, REALLY does want what is on the school cafeteria menu (even if it's Salisbury Steak) just so you don't have to make another blasted sandwich of this drink's namesake.
Today was easy, though.  Friday is always pizza...

3/4 oz    Chambord
3/4 oz    Frangelico

Yep, this one's a shot

Fill martini shaker 1/2 with ice

Add liquors

Shake vigorously

Strain into shot glass

OK, so it's not quite PB&J.  It's raspberry and hazelnut.  But it gets the point across. 

And your best friend with the peanut allergy doesn't have to be sequestered in the principal's office to eat his lunch.

Everybody wins!

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