Friday, June 21, 2013


There were 2 big current event stories available to tie-in this week.

James Gandolfini died.
 But I had nothing to work with there because I don't like Mob genre movies/TV.

But I can't stand this freak:
And I REALLY don't like these two pansies:

So I decided to go with something I do like.  Creamsicles.
Really, what's not to like about delicious ice cream novelties and the wonderful, whimsical, musical trucks that they are sold from?
Well yeah, I mean aside from that factor...


1  oz        Amaretto
1  oz        Triple Sec

2  oz        Orange Juice     
2  oz        Half & Half
Shake ingredients (no ice necessary in shaker)
Pour into highball (or regular 12 oz drinking glass) filled with ice
Leave me a comment if you think it doesn't taste like this:


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