Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hawaiian Punch

Do you remember the old Hawaiian Punch commercials?

Yeah, that guy.  Punchy the Puncher would exclaim: “How about some nice Hawaiian Punch?” then proceed to knock the crap out of his victim.  So, the mascot for the product quite LITERALLY fulfilled the product name.

The potential here is off the chart...


1.5  oz     Peach Schnapps
1     oz     Amaretto
2     oz     Pineapple Juice
1     oz     Cranberry Juice

1/2  oz     Grenadine

Fill highball (or regular 12 oz drinking glass) 3/4 with ice
Add everything
Offer some to your friend
Punch friend in the head

This cocktail has 10 times more fruit juice in it than the original product does
So, try it.  It's healthy!

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