Friday, August 9, 2013


I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, at the news that Lamar Odom was cheating on Khloe.  A professional athlete (except for, you know, when he was a Dallas Maverick) being unfaithful?  Who ever heard of such nonsense?  And to betray someone as classy as Khloe?  She's a Kardashian, for crying out loud.  That name is practically synonymous with wholesome.

Besides that, they are both celebrities.  If they got married, it had to be true love, right?    If they can't make it together, then who can?  Is there nothing sacred in this world any more?

Well, maybe when this is all over and the media dust settles, perhaps good ol' Lamar can find happiness in the arms of the one person that will return a passionate, unconditional love...


2     oz     Strawberry Schnapps
2     oz     Orange Juice
2     oz     Cranberry Juice

Club Soda 

Fill highball (or regular 12 oz drinking glass) 3/4 with ice
Add schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice

Fill with club soda
Stir gently


  1. I expect you to make this for me next time we are over.

  2. Deal. And exactly when is that going to be, praytell? =)