Friday, October 25, 2013

Dead Man Walking

Every year around this time, Forbes magazine releases their Top-Earning Dead Celebrity List.  This year's top 5 are:

Bob Marley
$18 million will buy a lot of Cheetos, mon.

Liz Taylor
$25 Million.  And not a penny from her 7 divorce settlements.

Charles Schulz
The Great Pumpkin has been good to his estate to the tune of $37 Million.

Elvis Presley
The King of Rock & Roll is still living...ummm...large.  $55 Million.

Michael Jackson
$160 Million. Mike not only tops dead celebs, he was the highest money-making celeb PERIOD.
(Bubbles the Chimp declined an interview.)


1 oz        Jack Daniels
1 oz        Jagermeister
1 oz        Tequila
In a large shot glass, combine the Jack & Jager
In a separate glass, pour the shot of tequila
Shoot the first one
Chase with tequila

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