Friday, November 1, 2013

Jolly Rancher

The day after Halloween. 

Parents, has your kid's sugar rush ended yet? 
Singles, did you have a good time dressing up to go out?
Marrieds, no kids - did you come home to an empty bowl on your front porch that was once loaded with candy and a sign that said "Please take ONE" (yeah, right)?

Halloween is kind of a weird holiday once you age beyond the "Trick or Treat" phase.  'Course, that expiration age seems to have gotten quite a bit older in recent years.  One of the zombies that came to our door this year had a very realistic cut on his face...presumably from his razor.  Let's just be brutally honest here, when you reach a certain age it's time to stop dressing up on Halloween** and going door to door to beg for candy.

On the candy subject, make sure you are giving out sweets that are NOT CRAP.  Anything chocolate is good: Snickers, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Butterfinger, Heath bars, hell even Almond Joy or Mounds.  People that say they don't like coconut are lying, they don't dislike the taste, just the consistency (NSFW). 
Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy, and various suckers are all OK.

Peppermints, while good after a meal, suck as Halloween candy.
Individually-wrapped Life Savers is just a cheap way to give out a lot.  Quality > Quantity.
Candy Corn is awful.
Dubble Bubble you can get away with.  It might be cheap, but at least it's gum.
Or you can always go with a time-tested standby.  The Jolly Rancher.

Now that you're too old to dress up**, let's look at the booze version of same.


1.5 oz     Melon Liqueur
.5   oz     Blueberry Schnapps
2    oz     Sweet & Sour
Splash    Grenadine

Shake melon liqueur and blueberry schnapps over ice
Strain in to a rocks glass 1/2 filled with ice
Top with sweet & sour
Add a splash of grenadine

**OK, so I'm a hypocrite.  
And before you ask, yes, it was cold outside in that tank top... 



  1. 2 Comments...

    #1. Is that a saber in your pocket? or WHAT A BIG SABER YOU HAVE! LOL

    #2. That is such a cute baby, but why is he dressed like Shrek?

  2. #1. Or as Katie calls it: "The Force".
    #2. We had enough trouble just getting him to leave it on his head...everyone's a critic...