Friday, April 19, 2013


Welcome newest members to Craig’s Friday Cocktail List™.  

You’ve probably not seen this drink before.  Sadly, I did not concoct it myself.  My wife & I got today’s drink recipe from our good friend Ashley  (thanks, Ashley!) .  I just gave it a goofy name and wedged it into my Friday schtick…

Q:  Who was the first man in space?
A:  John Glenn.  Right?


First dude to break free of Earth’s atmosphere was Cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin.   
John Glen was the first American astronaut in space.

COSMO:                                                           NOT:

Though there are legends of an ancient Chinese man that glued a bunch of bottle rockets to his wicker porch furniture and reached space about 500 years before Gagarin.  No, I’m not making that up. 

KOSMO:                                                           NOT:

Here’s the libation:

1.5 oz               Citrus Vodka
5 oz                  Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry
Fresh Strawberries 

Fill regular drinking glass (12 oz) 3/4 with ice.   
Add citrus vodka and sparkling cranberry.   
Stir gently.  
Garnish with strawberry slices.

COSMO:                                                           NOT:

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