Friday, March 16, 2012

Orange Crush

It's Friday!
This week's recipe - as the Subject Line implies - should remind you of the sweet, kinda-orangey soda:

1.5 oz    Vodka
1 oz       Cointreau (Triple Sec is a good budget substitute; if you wanna get REALLY crazy, use Blue Curacao for an unnatural color)

5 oz       Club Soda

1 tsp      Sugar

1            lime wedge 

Fill regular drinking glass (12 oz) 3/4 with ice.   
Add Vodka, Cointreau, sugar and squeeze of lime.   
Fill with club soda. 
Stir gently.  
Wax nostalgic about other sugary-sweet things you used to enjoy as a kid that would only be better with BOOZE!

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