Friday, March 23, 2012

Tequila Sunrise

While "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski may not care for the namesake*, this is quite a good morning cocktail.  Kinda like a Mimosa for real drinkers.


2 oz              Tequila 
                    Orange juice  
2 dashes      Grenadine

Fill highball (or regular 12 oz drinking glass) 1/2 with ice.   
Add Tequila.
Fill with orange juice, leaving about 2" from the top empty.
Tilt the glass to almost the "spill point" while quickly adding dashes of grenadine (a pour-spout makes this a LOT easier).  The heavy grenadine should sink to the bottom, and when you put the glass back down (quickly), it will slowly rise up then fall back down.

Mmmm, mmmm.  "Tequila" - It's What's For Breakfast!

*if you've made it all the way down here and don't know, it's an Eagles song

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