Friday, May 3, 2013

The Money Maker

Pictured above:  Money Maker

This weekend’s events include the Kentucky Derby, Star Wars Day, and Cinco de Mayo.
The traditional Mint Julep for the horse race would be too obvious.
I’ve already done a Full Nerd Assault on you guys with the Death Star Cocktail.
And margaritas would fall under the “too easy” category to celebrate the Battle of Puebla.
Instead, let’s celebrate the joys of pseudo-capitalism as the Dow-Jones hit 15000 for the first time ever today.

What does that mean for you?
Probably nothing.
But for THESE guys...

…there’s just nothing better.  Except maybe outrageously expensive wines, Apple products, bicycles, restaurants no one has ever heard of, recycling, Indie rock, and adopting children from third-world countries.

1.5 oz   Vodka
½ oz     Melon Liqueur
½ oz     Lemon Juice

2 oz      Pear Nectar

Fill martini shaker ½ with ice
Add the liquids
Shake vigorously
Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice

“I approve of this cocktail.”

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