Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Football Time!

OK, so technically football season has already started.
If you like the inferior college game.
Yeah, yeah, boo if you want.  You know I'm right.

I prefer to watch the game as played by enormous men moving at unholy speeds crashing into each other with forces that could split atoms all while making crap-tons of money.
(OK, so Johnny Manziel also does the latter, go college!).

I could debate the college vs. pro game all day, but the true question to be addressed on this blog is "What to drink while watching?"

The simple answer is Beer.

If you are just looking to enjoy a few brews while lightly snacking on popcorn, pretzels, chips, and the like then one of the light beers from the American pilsner trifecta is probably your best bet:

Nachos, tacos & burritos?

Pizza, barbeque, fried fish?

Baked hummus and spinach dip, brie & crackers, cheddar fondue?

You are a chick and you're not watching the game anyway.  Drink whatever the hell you want and shut up if it's not a commercial.



  1. You don't Bake hummus!

    1. Oh really?
      You think I take my drink research that lightly?
      BOW before
      my magical interweb powers, fool.