Friday, September 27, 2013

J.R.'s Godfather

J.R. Ewing, of the 2-era spanning hit series Dallas, remains the all-time greatest villain in television history.

Unless you count C-SPAN as television...then this b**** wins.

J.R. was played by the great Larry Hagman, who died November 23, 2012.  Every year television's Emmy Awards has a nice eulogy section for TV stars that passed in the previous calendar year.  So on this year's "In Memoriam" segment they of course...didn't mention him at all.

He was J.R. ****ing EWING!!!

The episode "Who Done It?", which revealed the answer to the worldwide question "Who shot J.R.?" was at it's time the highest-watched TV series episode EVER (and currently sits in second place to this day). Again, J.R. Ewing.  I suppose they must have had a very good reason to not include the actor of the tube's most iconic villain, right?

The strung-out punk from Glee?  Instead of J.R.?

It's official, friends.  Network television sucks. 


2     oz        Bourbon
1/2  oz        Amaretto

1) Fill a rocks glass with ice
2) Add liquors
3) Stir

4) Scheme

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